Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas You Can Use

Anniversary dates are memorable dates that couples celebrate each year. Although it is actually an intimate occasion that most couples choose to celebrate on their own, some choose to celebrate it with their friends by throwing a small party.

As expected, each guests are asked to bring a gift for the couples. This is where the problem starts. Sometimes hard to find gifts that the couple will like. This is perhaps the reason why gifts during anniversary celebrations seem to be the same gifts year after year. People no longer make an effort to find appropriate gifts for the couple. They just buy whatever is available in the store.

Hence, the multitude of plates, photo albums and picture frames that couples receive when they celebrate wedding anniversaries.
Unbeknownst to many, there is actually a traditional chart of appropriate anniversary gifts that people can give to couples. Each year, there is a corresponding element and modern anniversary symbol that people can use as guide in looking for traditional anniversary gifts for couples.

For instance, the first year anniversary is symbolized by paper and the clock while the second year anniversary is symbolized by cotton or straw and the Chinaware. The third year anniversary has leather and crystal or glass in the list while the fourth anniversary year dictates the traditional gift as something made up of books, flowers and fruit while the modern gift has electrical appliances on the list. Gemstones like the Amethyst and Topaz are also associated with this fourth year wedding anniversary gift chart.

Fifth wedding anniversary gifts suggests gifts that are made of wood or maybe a silverware. Flowers that are associated with the 5th year are daisies while the gemstone is Turquoise. The 15th anniversary has a theme of crystal and watches with the rose as the flower while the 75th anniversary suggests a diamond gift (which would probably make a lot of women shout for joy.)

Of course, the gift need not be actually cotton or paper. People can give presents that are made of this kind of material. For example, a great idea for a first wedding anniversary gift is a laminated copy of the marriage certificate. It can also be a book or some kind of photo album that is made of handmade paper. One of the partners can also use this concept in finding the perfect gift for their partners. Why not frame the first greeting card or love letter that you have made?

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